Reset GOTV After Payment | | How To

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Reset GOTV After Payment | | How To


In this discussion, I will be looking at this important topic titled Reset GOTV After | How To“.

It has become a necessity as a lot of individuals have been asking us different questions concerning how to resolve major GOTV issues that have to do with subscription and after subscription.

Last week, a neighbor of mine bought GOTV because of the ongoing World cup but unfortunately, the sports channel refused to show for him after two days.

I decided to write this post to answer most of all the questions you may have been nursing concerning all the issues you have with using GOTV.

If you are among those that have been searching for answers to [how to reset gotv channels, eazy gotvgotv decoder hard reset, how to activate gotv subscription, how to reset gotv via sms, gotvpayment, gotv activation, gotv Africa payment, Reset GOTV After Payment | | How To], then you are not the only one.

I promise you that, you shall get all the information as well as answers to all your questions pertaining to GOTV right here on this Site.

How To Reset GOTV After Payment

How To Reset GOTV After Payment

Information here will properly guide you on how to get your GOTV activated once you have made payment.

The activation should occur automatically after you have made a payment, but there are times some forms of manual reset may be required if the automatic one does not take place

It is now possible to make payment for your GOTV subscription via GTBank. This is a new introduction by GOTV, which was never part of the payment or activation methods before.

There are three ways to activate your GOTV manually.

You can do it via text message, get it activated online and you can do it using your phone.

Now let’s get to how we can use these methods one after the other.

How To Reset GOTV After Payment Via Text Message

How To Reset GOTV After Payment

This is one of the easiest methods to reset your gotv after payment.

All you need to do is Send “reset Your GOTV account number to this number, 4688 .

Easy right?

lets move to other methods.

How To Reset GOTV After Payment By Online Activation

How To Reset GOTV After Payment

This is another easy method to reset your GOTV after payment as all you need is internet access.

It means that once you have internet access, resetting your GOTV is just as easy as ABC. Follow the process below to activate your GOTV.

  • Visit Eazy GOTV via your internet-enabled mobile device
  • Log into your GOTV account with your account number and surname
  • Click on the dialogue box “Clear your error”
  • Clear the E16 error
  • Click on “Reset device now” tab’ and this will reset your GOTV decoder.

Now let’s discuss the last method that can be used to reset your GOTV after payment.

How To Reset GOTV After Payment By Phone Activation

How To Reset GOTV After Payment

This happens to be the final method we can use to reset your GOTV after payment. By the name of the method “Phone activation”, it means that all you need is a phone.

All you need do is follow the steps laid down below;

  • Dial *423# on any network
  • A prompt request will come up. It reads “Assistance from Customer Care”
  • You can then speak with the customer service representative

The activation should occur after any of the above processes.

If your subscription does not get activated, you can visit GOTV’s official Twitter or Facebook page and ask them to reset the decoder for you.

Your GOTV account number must be made available when making this request.

If none of the above methods work, you can call their customer care numbers to get the decoder activated.  The customer care number is 08039044688.

If you have read this and have any question troubling you concerning GOTV, don’t hesitate to drop all of them in the comment box below.

That’s the much I can take on the topic “Reset GOTV After Payment | | How To“ Hope this help?

Thanks For Reading this post, we really appreciate…

Reset GOTV After Payment

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