Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria | Check Here

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Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria

Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria | Check Here

Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria- While a lot of people still favor and prefer studying in universities because they believe the standards and level of education are higher, polytechnics in the country have proven their worth by churning out top class graduates in various fields who have gone on to positively contribute immensely to the growth of the country.

1. Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria – KWARA STATE POLYTECHNIC (KWARAPOLY)The ranking of the polytechnics is based on reports from publications both online and print, quality, facilities at the school and its environment as well as the views and opinion of people.

Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria

The Kwara state polytechnic is located in Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara state. The polytechnic was established by the then military governor of Kwara State, Colonel David Bamigboye in 1971 and started operation formally in 1973.

The polytechnic was established and set up to provide the society with various forms of studies, developing different techniques in various courses like science, arts and language, management, engineering, education and other areas of learning.

The polytechnic whose motto reads Technology, innovation and service started operation with 110 students, 11 academic staff and 3 administrative staff members.

KWARAPOLY Website: kwarastatepolytechnic.edu.ng

2. Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria- LAGOS STATE POLYTECHNIC (LASPOTECH)

The Lagos state polytechnic was established in 1977. The institution which was formerly known as the Lagos State College of Science and Technology (LACOSTECH) is the first tertiary institution to be owned by Lagos State.

The polytechnic prepares its students for the future by providing and taking them through Entrepreneurship Development and ICT Programmes to give them an edge in the labour market and also prepare them to be creators of jobs and provide employment opportunities.

The institution has various campuses across the state including Surulere, Ikorodu and Isolo campuses where numerous courses are offered.

LASPOTECH Website: www.mylaspotech.edu.ng

3. Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria – FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC ADO-EKITI (FEDPOLYADO)

The federal polytechnic Ado-Ekiti which started off as a college of technology was founded in 1977 in Jos Plateau State. The polytechnic was later moved from Jos to Akure in Ondo State by the Federal Government of Nigeria to ensure that Federal Government institutions were properly spread around the states of the country.

In 1979, the institution had its status changed from a college of technology to a polytechnic. In 1982, the polytechnic was once more moved as the Federal Government gave instructions that the institution should be moved to Ado-Ekiti which is now the capital of Ekiti State. The move was done to create space for the Federal University of Technology Akure.

The institution which started operation in 1978 with 350 students and 95 academic staff members nowhas about 10,000 students and about 1000 staff members.

FEDPOLYADO Website: www.fedpolyado.edu.ng

4. 10 Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria – FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC OKO (FEDERALPOLYOKO)

The institution is located in Oko town in Anambra State was first
established in 1979 and was approved by the government of Anambra State
as a college of Arts and Science to help prepare students prepare for
the General Certificate Examination.

In 1980 the institution was upgraded to college of Arts, Science and
Technology and in 1985 was named Anambra State University. At this stage
a lot of students tried to gain admission to the institute as it now
offered higher certificates.

The institution was eventually taken over by the Federal Government
in 1993 and was renamed Federal polytechnic Oko. The institute has three
campuses which are Ufuma campus, Atani campus and the main campus at

FEDPOLYOKO Website: www.federalpolyoko.edu.ng

5. 10 Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria – FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC ILARO (FEDERALPOLYILARO)

The federal polytechnic Ilaro was established in July 1979 and had a
temporary site donated by host community for it to start operation in
November 1979 in the city of Ilaro Ogun State. The first site of the
institution was the ground of the Anglican Grammar School, Ilaro before
it was moved in 1983 to its permanent site along Ilaro/Oja-Odan Road.

FEDPOLYILARO Website: www.federalpolyilaro.edu.ngThe institution aims to continually provide technically skilled
students for the economy of Nigeria and equip students to be able to
compete globally.

6. 10 Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria – AUCHI POLYTECNIC (AUCHIPOLY)

Auchi polytechnic was founded in 1963 and started as a technical
college before being upgraded to a polytechnic in 1973. The institution
is one of the first four polytechnics in Nigeria and the law
establishing the institution gave it the task of producing skilled and
trained manpower for the country in different fields such as science,
management, arts, technology, engineering and lots more.

With over 8000 students, the polytechnic is updating and reviewing
its curricula and learning activities in order to equip its students to
be self-employed and create jobs after they have successful graduated.

AUCHIPOLY Website: www.auchipoly.edu.ng

7. 10 Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria – KADUNA POLYTECHNIC (KADPOLY)

Kaduna state polytechnic was established and founded in 1956 as
Kaduna Technical Institute before it was renamed as the polytechnic
Kaduna in 1962. In 1968 it became known as Kaduna State Polytechnic
after the government made a decree to that effect and was eventually
taken over by the government in 1991 through another decree.

Over the next couple of years, the polytechnic hopes to remain a
leader in online learning and become a leader when it comes to areas of
research and development.

KADPOLY Website: www.kadunapolytechnic.edu.ng

8. 10 Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria – THE POLYTECHNIC IBADAN (IBAPOLY)

The polytechnic Ibadan was founded in 1970 as upgrade to the
technical college Ibadan. The polytechnic has been able to produce for
years middle-level and high level manpower that have contributed a lot
to the growth and development of the country’s economy.

The polytechnic also provides numerous short specialized courses to
help provide latest techniques and knowledge to specialist groups.

IBAPOLY Website: www.polyibadan.edu.ng

9. 10 Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria – FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC NEKEDE (NEKEDEPOLY)

The Federal Polytechnic Nekede was established in 1978 and was known
back then as the College of Technology Owerri. In 1981, the institution
moved to its current location at Nekede, Owerri.

The Imo State Government in 1987 changed its name to The Polytechnic
Nekede, Owerri before it was taken over by the Federal Government in
1993 and renamed to be known as The Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri.

The institution aims to sustain its culture of best practices in
areas of teaching methods, capacity building, skill and technological
innovations with the aim of producing job creators to boost the economy.

NEKEDEPOLY Website: www.federalpolytechnicnekede.edu.ng

10. 10 Popular Polytechnics in Nigeria – YABA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (YABATECH)

Yaba college of technology has the vision of being the leading higher
institution in the country by continuing to provide top academic,
professional and entrepreneurial education to its students.

It hopes to also continue to produce graduates who are innovative and
knowledgeable through effective teaching and research in order to boost
the economy of the Nation.

YABATECH website: www.yabatech.edu.ng

If you do not find your school on the list this does not mean it is
not a top or great school. If you have any other criteria of ranking the
institutions you can share with us as well as your opinions.

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