Make Money Online: Make Extra Cash with Dayret Trade

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Make Money Online: Make Extra Cash with Dayret Trade

Dayret Trade

Making money online is something desired by so many around the world but so many has seen this opportunity to scam a lot of people but not to worry, i decided to open a new category on my blog to talk about wealth, am going to be giving away some tweaks and also making reviews of
some other means of cash
i have used. Today’s review is on “Dayret Trade”
One method of making money online a
m gonna be revealing today is Dayret Trade, Its still hot and i think am one of the first to be making a review about them.

So i found this website out some weeks back and i decided to make an investment myself and i can tell you it worked out, i didn’t even have to do anything.

About Dayret Trade

About Page
Dayret Trade claims to be a group of professionals that has been into trading for quite a while but decided to open a platform to also involve others in it.

Make Money Online: Make Extra Cash with Dayret Trade

They take your investment and then use it to trade while you do nothing. There plans are 4 types…….. 8% daily, 9% daily, 9.5% daily and 10%daily. So depending on how much you invest, you get that percentage back everyday for 21 days.

Minimum Withdrawal is 7,000 naira( about $20)…..

Interest is added daily so if an investment of about 15,000 naira( about $40) is made, following the minimum investment plan of 8% daily, 1200($3.24) will be added to your balance so in 6 days, about 7200 naira ($19.4) would have accumulated in your balance which can be withdrawn because it’s above minimum withdrawal Amount. Note that your subsequent interest would be added.

The team claims to safely trade your investment and return profit to you within the stipulated time, i guess they were careful with mine because i got my money back.

How To Register

Simply Click Here, provide necessary information like User Name, Full name, Password And Email Address. The reference ID section can be left blank.

How To Invest

A quick spoiler is that the site currency is in Naira so for countries outside Nigeria, i will explain briefly later how to sort yourselves.
They Basically have two means of making deposit


Its a popular payment merchant in Nigeria and most Nigerians knows how to go about it. payment instructions can be found in your account once you login.


This Option serves everyone especially those outside of Nigeria. A wallet ID is provided to make payment using this method and you can also make withdrawal using this method. Conversion rate is updated regularly according to what i heard.

Referral Commision

Dayret Trade

Make Money Online: Make Extra Cash with Dayret Trade

Dayret Trade Referral Commission
They Offer 5% referral commission and a nice support system so feel free to ask them any question.


Withdrawals are sent out via WIRE TRANSFER and BITCOIN. Max processing time is 3 days
Naira To Dollar Rate is 370 naira per dollar. Since Minimum Investment Is 5000 Naira, that would be approximately 14 USD. This is a fair amount to test the system. Visit Dayret Trade to make some money passively by clicking here

Whatsapp Support Here
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