Importance Of Voltage Regulators | See Why Voltage Regulation Is Necessary

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Importance Of Voltage Regulators | See Why Voltage Regulation Is Necessary

Importance Of Voltage Regulators

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Importance Of Voltage Regulators | See Why Voltage Regulation Is Necessary

For some person’s out here, who may not really know the usefulness and importance of having an automatic voltage regulator or as it is mostly called here in Nigeria, voltage stabilizer.

This is a must read.

This is a 2 kilo-volts ampere (2KVA) automatic voltage regulator.

What does an Automatic Voltage Regulator do?

Let me do a little explanation so you’ll understand better.. I live in Nigeria, so I’m going to be using Nigeria as a case study here. Read carefully, it may also apply to you in your country, you never know.

Here in Nigeria, we are developing and there has also been a fair development in the power sector as we call it, though not really good enough.

Nigeria still depends on Dams for most of its power generation unlike some other countries who may use the newer technology, Nuclear power plants.

This generation of electrical power from dams is called hydro power generation and makes use of turbines.

Turbines are designed to rotate and generate electricity due to coil induction. The flow of water in dams does the rotation.

When electricity is wired from power stations to homes of residence going through step-down transformers, there is usually a drop in voltage due to distance from source.

Reason that houses closer to transformers have higher voltages than those far away.

This is where the voltage regulator becomes very important.

The voltage regulator helps accommodate the voltage drop and stabilizes the voltage at 220v (220volts). This is standard voltage rating for most electrical appliances here in Nigeria.

Some countries who use 110v as standard, have other regulators but we use desired step-down transformers when the need to use 110v arises.

This is how the desired step-down transformer looks like.

Electronics may go bad over lack of optimal voltage. So, sometimes when your PC isn’t working optimally check the voltage supplying to your charger.

It may also interest you to know that a voltage regulator does not regulate low voltages only, it also regulates too high voltages and can shut down to protect itself and your appliance when the voltage goes wacky.

What to do when regulator shuts down

Automatic voltage regulators are designed to protect themselves and your appliance before any critical damage occurs.

When your voltage regulator shuts down, the first thing you do is not to panic.

The first thing you do is to check the fuse. The fuse is located behind the voltage regulator or sometimes in from as in the earlier image.

Unscrew the fuse and check if its cut. If it this, get a replacement and you’ll be just fine.

Fuse replacements usually come with regulators as you buy them. Always ask for them (usually two).

If it didn’t, you can always get one in a local store.

If changing the fuse doesn’t work, that’s when you get a technician or get a new one.

So, what am i trying to communicate… Check around and get an automatic voltage regulator now!. You may just have been putting your electronics to a great risk of damage.

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