How to encourage child to love homework

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How to encourage child to love homework

How to encourage child to love homework

Let’s reminisce the days of our childhood when the bell rung at the end of a school day and it seemed like a freedom call for us. We were no different than our children, we also only wanted to play, watch TV, eat and sleep after the school. And now when our kids do the same thing we make it a big deal.

Children are unaware of the drawbacks of not doing school work. They want to do the things they find attractive, what their little brain thinks is more important, instead of spending time hiding behind a book. But it’s the responsibility of parents to encourage their kids to perform the exercises. The research shows that the kids are more successful in school when their parents take an active interest in their homework.

Half of the parents try bribing, threatening, and punishing their kids’ every day to make them do their homework; however it’s only a temporary solution for a deep-rooted problem.

The following points will surely help you with the struggle and avoid a daily quarrel.

1. Create a homework-friendly environment

How to encourage child to love homework

You cannot expect your kid to sit in front of a Television or a computer or even among the other siblings while doing his home work as all these things are a great distraction for him/her.  And if you let him or her then they will watch TV and the surrounding more than a note book.

  • Make sure that you provide your kid a comfortable, well lit and a focus-inducing environment so that they can concentrate on studies.  
  • Try to be nearer to the kid while he is doing the exercise so that you can assist him or her.
  • Keep stationary like pencil, colors, eraser within reach.

Make attractive schedules

Children like to do things their way like you might have noticed that when they want to eat they take full meal even if it’s not their favorite but when kids don’t want they don’t also catch a bite from the most wanted snack. Same is the case with the homework timings.


Figure out when your kid likes to do the homework. Some kids are more focused when they have a full tummy however some choose to do their work in the afternoon while others may prefer after dinner time.

2. Show Encouragement

How to encourage child to love homework

Listening and Encouraging your child is the two most important things in a parenting journey. When you listen to them, it builds confidence in their personality and praising increase children’s motivation.

 If the kid is weak in any subject, don’t make him or her endure it every time instead encourage them on small achievements. For example, if they secure low grades in mathematics instead of punishing or shouting at him say that you have done better than the last time and I know you can do great in the next test.

Also, avoid comparison phrase while encouraging your kids, for instance, you have to do better than her, or you are doing better than him. This social-comparison increases pressure on the young mind and disheartens him.

3. Reward them on a daily basis

How to encourage child to love homework

Rewarding your kid is like a double-edged sword, but it entirely depends on you that how you use this, so it will only do well for your child.

Don’t rewards them with money to let him or her do what they want instead buy them something from your own. What I believe good is to make a kid’s favorite dish as if he or she enjoys eating noodles ask them to finish their homework on time, and you will make their favorite recipe.

However, every child is not foodie some like toys, books, puzzles or drones so also consider buying them their wanted stuff once in a month. And to make sure that these small rewards won’t make a big difference in your budget, you can also use Coupons from PennySaviour.

Let them enjoy self-time

It’s crystal clear that forcing a kid is an absolute no; it will not do any good but will only make him or her stubborn. Don’t compel your child to do their schoolwork just after coming back from school because after a tiring day he or she may not feel like doing it.

Talk to them about their classes, lunchtime or any fun activity, feed them, or let them do what they love doing the most. This will help improve motivation and focus when it’s a time for the kid to do homework.

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How to encourage child to love homework

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