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HOW TO CHECK 2018 JAMB RESULT. The complete guideline on How To Check JAMB 2018 Result & How To Check JAMB Result Without Pin is provided in this Guide. The link to JAMB 2018 result checker is provided on this page. HOW TO CHECK 2018 JAMB RESULT…



As one of the candidates who took this years’ JAMB, you most probably want to check JAMB 2018 result. As it is on many candidates’ lips, the question of the now bogging candidates mind is how to check JAMB 2018 Result. So, is JAMB 2018 result out? Has JAMB released 2018 JAMB result?

Yes, you wish to check JAMB 2018 Result online! Now, JAMB 2018 Result is out. So, quickly, I will be showing you how to check JAMB 2018 Result online with your phone or PC. First, the official to website to check JAMB 2018 Result online is www.jamb.org.ng. This is also known as JAMB 2018 Online Result Checker.

Now that JAMB 2018 Result is out, you can now check JAMB 2018 result for the just completed JAMB 2018 Computer Based Test for 2018 UTME online anywhere you are. Please, follow the detailed guidelines below to check JAMB 2018 Result now.



Jamb UTME Result for 2018/2019 will be released in batches. The good thing now is that candidates can now check JAMB 2018 result with their mobile phones. All candidates will be notified of their JAMB 2018 result via SMS. JAMB 2018 scores shall be sent to candidates’ mobile phone numbers used during 2018 Jamb UTME Registration via SMS.

However, there is another option for candidates who are unable to get JAMB 2018 result notification via text message from JAMB. That is to visit jamb result checker page at www.jamb.org.ng. See the detailed instructions on how to check JAMB 2018 result down this page.

Even if you got the JAMB 2018 result notification text from JAMB, you still must proceed to JAMB result checker page to obtain printout of your result.

Is JAMB 2018 Result Out? See Possible Questions You Could Be Asking Now On JAMB 2018 Result Checker Process Below:

The need for this article was advised by incessant questions by visitors to this website seeking to know:

  1. when will jamb result be out
  2. where to get jamb result
  3. where to check my jamb result online
  4. where to print original jamb result
  5. where do i check jamb result
  6. which site to check jamb result
  7. jamb 2018 result how to check
  8. jamb result 2018 how to check
  9. has jamb result been released
  10. has jamb result been cancelled
  11. has jamb result come out
  12. has jamb released all results
  13. has jamb cancelled 2018 results
  14. has jamb release result

Can Jamb Result Be Used For Three Years? Is It True?

Several views and fears have equally been raised including can jamb result be used twice and can jamb result be used for two years. Others asked, can jamb result be used for 3 years or can jamb result last for two years or does jamb result last for three years. Well, senate has passed that jamb result cannot be used for 3 years.

Someone once asked, can i check jamb result with my phone? The answer is Yes. You can check your JAMB result with your phone. can i check my jamb result online? Yes, you can. can i upgrade my jamb result? No, you can’t.


How Many Years Do Jamb Result Last?

You want to know how long does jamb result last? OK. JAMB result last one (1) year.

By The Time You Are Done Reading This, You Should Be Able To:

  1. Print JAMB 2018 Admission Letter
  2. Check jamb result with only registration number
  3. Check jamb result without pin
  4. When JAMB 2018/2019 Online Registration
  5. Know How to Check JAMB CBT Result Online via JAMB Result Checker 2018
  6. Know How to Reprint JAMB Registration Slip 2018/2019 Online

Quick Notice! From JAMB Office On JAMB 2018 Result

The management of Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) wished to inform the public that it will not release the 2018 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results immediately as it was last year, 2017.

The JAMB registrar gave the reason for this delay in releasing the JAMB 2018 results as attributed to the need to review the activities of the candidates and to curtail the number of cancellations of result.

In his words, “We want to monitor everything that happens through our CCT cameras. Last year, we proved a point that there is nothing extraordinary in the immediate release of results but we had to cancel some results when we found out what happened in some centres.

”So, if we have to take two or three days to look at the conduct of the candidates before releasing the result so as to minimise cancellation, then we will do so.”

Is JAMB 2018 Result Out? See How to Check JAMB 2018 Result Online for Free At JAMB Result Checker Portal Below

To check Jamb 2018 UTME result online, kindly follow the steps outlined below;

1). Visit JAMB 2018 result checking portal at http://jamb.org.ng;

2). Log into your Jamb Profile with (email and password);

3). Click “Check 2018 UTME Examination Results” Banner Link on your Profile Page

4). Your result would be displayed automatically.


Have Not Seen My JAMB Result! What Should I Do?

If you can’t check jamb result, don’t worry. Check back again and it should be uploaded by that time.  Follow the guide below to see how to jamb result 2018 and how to jamb result without scratch card.

Still asking how check jamb result without scratch card or how to check jamb result through phone? It is now very simple. follow the guide below.

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  • awajis com jamb result
  • sapele jamb result
  • jamb result slip
  • check jamb result 2016
  • check jamb result 2015
  • check 2013 jamb result
  • check jamb result 2017/18

How To Check JAMB Result For Free & How To Print JAMB Result

You want to know how to check jamb result with scratch card or how to check jamb result with registration number? The following steps will help you.

How to Check 2018 JAMB Result with Registration Number

Can I Check My Jamb Result Online? See How to Check JAMB 2018 Result Online Very Fast Below:

Instead of going through the long process of checking JAMB result, it may be wise to visit the direct link to check JAMB 2018 result right now.


1). Visit http://www.jamb.org.ng/ResultChecker/CheckUTMEResults

2). Enter your Jamb  Reg number in the space provided.

3). Hit the blue “Check my result” button.

how to check JAMB 2018 result - Enter Your JAMB 2018 Registration Number

A Graphical Guide (Video) To Check JAMB 2018 Result & How To Check Jamb Result Without Pin

1) Visit JAMB online portal at www.jamb.org.ng

2) Enter your email and password to Log into your Jamb 2018 profile.

3) Once you’re logged in. Click on the Check 2018 UTME Examination Results

4) And your result will display immediately

Can i Check Jamb Result with my Phone?

No worries, if in trying to check JAMB 2018 result yours dose not display, do not panic. This year, JAMB result will be release in batches, as usual.  That you wrote with someone on the dame date and his/her result is out and yours is not out, is not an issue to worry about. Do not worry, yours will be release soon.

Can’t Check Jamb Result? See Possible Reasons Why JAMB Withholds Candidates UTME Result:

If for some reason JAMB decides to seize or withhold your result, it could be for any of the reasons below:

  1. Candidate was involved in Malpractice
  2. He/she missed the schedule
  3. The candidate came too late to the exam

Can You Help Me Check JAMB 2018 Results?

Yes, we can. In a bid to help all our viewers to Check JAMB Result 2018, we have decided to include a free service to that effect. So, if you want us to help you check JAMB 2018 result, kindly scroll to the end of this page now.

Some Basic Improvements In JAMB 2018 Result Checker Process

  1. Checking JAMB 2018 result is free of charge.
  2. JAMB 2018 result can only be checked online at JAMB result checker. This is the direct link: http://www.jamb.org.ng/ResultChecker/CheckUTMEResults
  3. JAMB now sends candidates SMS prompts of result notifications.
  4. Candidates will no longer have to buy JAMB result checker scratch card to check their results.
  5. Please, avoid impersonators and fake “JAMB” officials with false claims and promises to upgrade JAMB score.
  6. JAMB will never collect money from students in other to rank them higher than other students.
  7. Make sure you have the full details of the school you are about to enter before traveling there.
  8. You can now check Jamb results on any device such as PC, mobile phones, IPads and other internet-enabled browsing devices.

See Also: Printing of JAMB Exam Slip For 2018 UTME – Official Link Enabled

Summary: Q&A

So, in this guide, we were able to answer all the possible questions pertaining to JAMB 2018 result checker such as:

  1. How much is jamb result scratch card Ans:  No scratch card for checking JAMB result 2018.
  2. How was jamb result today Ans: It was great. How was yours?
  3. How jamb result Ans: Fine.
  4. What is my jamb result Ans: Check your JAMB result slip. Follow the guides on this page get your JAMB result slip 2018 now.
  5. What is original jamb result Ans: Original JAMB result 2018 is JAMB result containing important details of yours especially your passport and which is valid for Post UTME Screening exercise.
  6. When jamb result will be out
  7. When jamb result will come out Ans: Anytime JAMB 2018 result is out we shall update you. Kindly comment with your correct email address and phone number below.
  8. When to check jamb result Ans: Anytime you hear that JAMB 2018 result is out.
  9. When to check jamb result 2018 Ans: Online at www.jamb.org.ng via Phone, PC, Business Centre or Cyber Café,
  10. Where to check jamb result without scratch card Ans: No jamb result without scratch card needed in 2018 JAMB
  11. Where to print jamb result Ans: Café, Business centre. You can even print online now.


Please, know that to check jamb 2018 result, you need to visit jamb result checker 2018. You can check jamb result with only registration number.

Checking and printing JAMB original jamb result 2018, however, comes at a price. To check your jamb result, kindly visit jamb result checking portal at http//www.jamb.org.ng/unifiedtme3/

Again, jamb portal 2018 is www.jamb.org.ng 2018. is jamb upgrading result? No. for those asking how to upgrade jamb result, kindly not that doing so is at your own risk as JAMB does not authorize upgrading of results. If you wish to do JAMB Change of Course or Institution, here is a complete procedure to do that now.


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Congrats! So, go ahead and Check JAMB 2018 Result now. With this Complete Guide To Check JAMB Result Without Pin & Check JAMB Result With Only Registration Number, you are good to go!

Yes, That was a complete guide on how to check JAMB 2018 Result now

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