How To Create A Blog As Students In School And Earn From It

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How To Create A Blog As Students In School And Earn From It

These article will help every student that will to create a blog or website online and earn from it. In this article, i will discuss everything you need to know about creating a blog and earning money from it. So, lets get going.
How To Create A Blog As Students In School And Earn From It


Since this article is basically for fresher’s, it is pertinent that we go back to basics.
So, what is a blog? A blog is simply a regularly updated website which is use by the owner to show the world his/her passion. Yes, that is what a blog is. For instance, the website you are right now ( is a blog. i update it everyday, and make sure i keep my visitors current through my articles and tutorials.
It is also worthy to note that all blogs are websites, but not all websites are blogs. I know you are bewildered at this point, but trust me, I am going to clear your doubt.


A website is a static website page which is to serve a particular purpose. For instance, is a website because, it has a static page, that may not be often updated like a blog. From the forgoing, it is evident that a blog, is not the same as a website. The former (a website) may not be regularly updated unlike the later (Blog) which is frequently updated. That is basically the different between a blog and a website.

How To Create A Blog As Students In School And Earn From It

Well, this may not be of great importance to the aim of this topic, but because this article is basically for beginners. It will help give you an incline of what blogging is all about.


Below are some important things you should know about blogging before creating a blog.
  • Blogging, without any doubt, is one of the most lucrative job to earn money online. It is not restricted to any particular kind of person. Blogging can be done by every student; both the males and the females.
  • More so, it is also worthy to note that blogging is time consuming. Students who have been blogging can attest of this.
  • One striking thing about blogging is that it is educative. You don’t only educate or entertain your visitors, you also educate and entertain yourself too. Blogging also help you save that time you were supposed to waste playing. Sometimes, you thought of what to do with your time, but don’t know what exactly to do with it. You probably may start dissipating your time, playing and chatting with friends. 
  • As it is rightly said in Nigerian pidgin language,time na money” which mean “time is money“. I know it sounds more or less like a jocular right? but it is the truth because those time you wasted, would have fetch you good money, if you had used it for some thing tentative
  • If you intend to blog and you are sole bent on making money alone. then you are already a failure. Yes!, it is true that money motivates you to do more. But that does not mean you should only be interested on making money. In fact, let me be plain to myself and to you. Before any new blogger can start making reasonable money from blogging, he/she must have been blogging for not less than 6 months. I am not doing this to scare you away actually, I only want you to jettison the notion of making money as a new blogger. Money should be your second motive as a blogger.


Having read the above tips about blogging, you can now proceed to creating a blog fully.



What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is the category or type of blog you want to start up. It can also be seen as “what your blog is all about“. For instance, this is my blog, i blog on education, thus my blog Niche is EDUCATION. There are so many other kinds of niches you can blog on viz:
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • News
  • Books
  • Stories
  • Love and many more.

How to choose a Niche

There is only one question i often ask people who approach me, seeking for the best blog Niche they can start blogging about. I only ask them “what their passion is“, and tell them to blog about their passion. Suffice it to say, that your passion is the best blogging niche you can ever think of. If anyone have been persuading to you to blog on those niche that are deemed to be more lucrative than others, please do yourself good by giving cold shoulders to their ideas, less you will stand to regret it afterwards.

 Bonus Tips:
Many bloggers have gone frustrated just because they failed choosing the right niche for themselves. So, if you really want to be an outstanding blogger, make sure you choose the niche that suit you.

Next is choosing a domain for your blog. A domain, is simply the URL (Universal Resource Location) name you want your blog to have. For instance, the domain name of this blog is The essence of having a domain name, is to distinguish your blog from that of every other person.
So, how do you choose an ideal domain name for your blog? There are three basic guides you must follow for constructing a good domain name for your blog viz:
  • It must be short
  • It should be related to the niche you have chosen 
  • Make it stylish


WHERE IS THE BEST BLOGGING PLATFORM TO START WITH? and, are the best and most popular free blogging platforms to start your blog on. That notwithstanding, today we will focus mainly on the blogging platform. Because it is more easy to setup, to manage, and equally free of charge. I may not highlight anything on the platform today. But like are said, they are the best places anyone can start up a blog. is owned by Google. It is a totally free blogging platform (you can earn from it).This  was what made the most used blogging platforms in the world. It is an ideal place to start up your blog as beginner. is another great place to start up your blog. It is free, easy and awesome too. However, to be able to earn in, you must pay some amount of money. Note that this does not override the fact that WordPress is also great. WordPress is another ideal platform to start up a blog.


Now, that you have known almost everything you need to know about blogging, we can now proceed to creating a blog. The steps below will guide you through in creating an awesome blogger blog:
Step 1. Visit BLOGGER website at There you will see a page like the one in the screen shot below.
How To Create A Blog As Students In School And Earn From It
Step 2. Click on “Create blog
Step 3. Now you will be asked to provide your Gmail and Password. Input the data correctly, and if you don’t have a Gmail, simply create one by clicking on ” Create new Gmail“.
How To Create A Blog As Students In School And Earn From It

Your Gmail and password is going to be the same data you will need to access your blog anywhere. So please keep them safe. 


Step 3. After you must have finished submitting your Gmail and password, you will automatically be redirected to the dashboard. On the front page of the dashboard, click on “Create blog
Step 4. Now a pop-up box will appear, asking you to put in your Blog TITLE and Blog URL. You can now input your desired blog title and domain in the space provided.
How To Create A Blog As Students In School And Earn From It
Please do not add any extension after your domain name. Just put your chosen domain name.
Make sure you change your domain name to something else, if the system indicates that the one you gave has already been taking.
How To Create A Blog As Students In School And Earn From It
Step 5. If you input your domain and the system indicates that your choice of domain is available, then congratulations, you can now choose a template from the list of template and click on “CREATE BLOG“.
How To Create A Blog As Students In School And Earn From It
Okay, if you followed the above steps effectively and it worked for you, then Congratulations! you are now blogger. All you need to do is to start publishing your articles for the world to see.
You can visit your blog at
That is it!


To create a post, simply click on POST in your side bar
  • Click on “New Post”  And instantaneously, a big plain text box appears.
    How To Create A Blog As Students In School And Earn From It
  • Type your article on the large textbox
  • Add a title to your article
  • Now click on “publish“, and that is all.


Remember, while creating your article, you can format or beautify your work using the formatting bar tool at the top of the page.


As it is rightly said, creating a blog is not the problem, the main problem is to growing your blog and start earning from it. Below are some important tips that will help you grow your blog and and earn from it easily.
1. Learn to optimize your blog post for search engines
SEO (search engines optimization), is a very important tip for growing your blog. I may not discuss in full, the different ways to optimize your blog (I.e how to make your blog appear on search engines like Google, Bing and others), because this website is not specifically for blogging, but I believe the websites below, will go a long way to help you optimize your blog.
2. Socialize Your Blog
Another great way you can grow your blog is by promoting it through social medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and others. Make sure you shear your articles to all the social media sites you are in. Believe me, this is really an effective way to get enormous visitors to go through your blog. 
3. Submit your site to search Engines 
You must also ensure that you submit your blog URL to Google, Bing and Yahoo, to enable them easily crew your site. To learn more on how to submit your site to search engines, you can search on Google.
4. Frequently update your blog
This is one of the most inevitable tip that can effectively grow your blog. Remember, one of the distinctive feature of a blog and a website is that the former must be frequently updated, and the later is seldom updated. Updating your blog frequently, also helps to keep your readers coming, as they are preoccupied with the mindset that any time they visit your blog, they will definitely find new articles to read and learn from.
5. Write good contents
If you really want to grow and earn from your blog, you must be exceptional in your write-up. Don’t copy things from other websites/blogs. Make sure you create your own unique content. Don’t put all your interest in making money. If you do so, then you must prepare to fall like other copycat bloggers.
Believe me, if you can effectively, create your own great content, people will come visiting your blog from nowhere. All you need to do is to keep it unique.


There are different ways one can earn from blogging. But i will only discuss the two most tentative and basic ways to earn from your blog. Before any blog is due to start earning, I recommend it is at least 2 months old. This is to ensure that the blog have attain much height, and is able to earn well afterwards. So, what are the two biggest ways to earn from blogging?


Below are the best five blogging advertising websites you can apply for, and start earning from your blog. 
  • Google Adsence (The best and most lucrative among all). 
  • Infolink 
  • Popads
  • Revenuehit 


Please make sure you have a good knowledge of how these websites work, before applying. This is to help you choose the best for your blog.


Another way you can earn good cash from blogging, is by placing products of firms on your blog, and getting paid for that (direct advertising). However, earning through this way, is very difficult, but believe me, it pays better. So, to make your users become aware that they can advertise on your site, you simply create a banner asking they to contact you if they want to post a bill on your website.
There are other tentative ways you can earn from blogging. Though i only penned down the two most profitable ways. When you think you are feat to start earning from your blog, you can simply follow my instructions on the two ways to earn above.


There apparently no doubt that blogging is one of the best job to do in school. I recommend every student to start up their blogs online, and start making money online.
If you have any question as regards this article, please do ask your questions using the comment box below.
How To Create A Blog As Students In School And Earn From It

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