5 Reasons Why You Need To Localize Your Website

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Localize Your Website

 5 Reasons Why You Need To Localize Your Website

5 Reasons Why You Need To Localize Your Website

“Localization? But everyone can speak English!” if this thought pops in your head, you need this
article more than you know.

If having an English version really solved all the problems, businesses won't be investing so
heavily in localization.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Localize Your Website

Firstly, if you are not already executing plans for going global – you are late! But there is still
time and you can catch up if you act fast and smart.

The first step of localization is always the translation. But, isn’t translation and localization the
same thing? The answer to this is “no”.

This is a very common misconception. The translation is just a subset of localization. Translation
refers to the conversion of the language from one to another, while localization refers to the
complete adaptation of the company’s outlook to the culture, society, and practices of the

The business literally changes so much that it looks as if it originally belonged to that market.

What, in particular, is website localization?

A website is a window into the business that the consumers can look through. If the website does
not reflect the same values and culture they identify with, then it will have a negative effect.
Localizing a website means that you not only translate the language of your website but also
adopt the jargons, practices, slang, and everything else about that market. This includes adjusting
your content, images and even graphics to some level.

Benefits of Website Localization

Localization may require efforts, but when it pays off, it really pays off. Here are some benefits
you can get from localization

1. You will get access to the global market that means an increased customer base. And you
will do so in a way that you will get through to the potential customers.

2. It wins your website credibility with the local audience. The language would make them
feel comfortable and not alienated. This can also stir up more loyalty and make the
audience more welcoming.

3. It removes barriers and eases up the revenue stream. With language out of the way, there
is no boundary that the internet has not broken through. And thus there is no reason to not
take advantage of that and create new revenue streams.

4. It invites local people instead of putting them off. Localization is no just some literal
translation, it is an intelligent conversion of material while keeping the context in mind.
So the wrong phrases don’t annoy the user rather the right ones help you retain them.
Signs You Need to Localize Your Website

If globalization is not doing the trick for you, then maybe signs shown by your own company can
make you see that you need localization.

Your Business Can Go Global Without You

This is the world and age of the internet, nothing has real boundaries anymore. One click and
everyone can access your website no matter what part of the world they are sitting in. you can’t
stop that from happening, however, you can control how it is done.

Your Competition is doing it

This is the age of intelligent customers, they do their research before they do anything else. If
your competition beats you to the punch, then you better make sure you catch even better. The
more at home you make the audience feel, the more they will prefer you and vice versa.

Different Languages – Different Dialects – Different Countries

The major sign you need to localize is that you are not localizing. The world speaks languages
other than English. In fact, even English-speaking countries have different versions that have
something or the other different. Unless you break that barrier yourself, you can never fully
benefit from the potential of the international market.

Five Major Reasons You Should Localize

Going global is the next step in the ladder of success. If nothing has managed to convince you
here are five reasons you should localize your website.

Global SEO

Every market has a different search engine and thus the SEO is different as well. Localization
helps you become visible in the international market by optimizing keywords and metadata as
per the market. This will increase your page visits, global audience, and you will get organic
traffic eventually.

Decide How to Go Global

As already mentioned, there are no boundaries because of the internet. This means that anyone
anywhere can access your website at any time.

Your business is already across the boundary, you might as well take advantage of it and set a
firm footing in the market.

You might already have a group of followers, you can capture them for good an increase in the
customer base by modifying your website according to them.

Increase in the Conversion Rate

That is what we all want, isn't it? A good, healthy and increasing conversion rate. Your website
might already be getting visits here and there, but without localization, it is hard to retain them.
When your website speaks the same way as your audience does, your conversion rates go up
significantly. This happens especially is some kind of high-end purchase is involved, because the
audience understands your product better as compared to the non-localized websites.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Aren't we all looking for that competitive edge over our competitors? If your competition has not
yet localized their websites, this is your chance to gain the edge and leave them playing catch up.
Consumer prefers websites that are in their own language, and this way you can lure them
towards you and away from the competition.

Necessity for Growth

If your business becomes stagnant, the next stage is only to decline. To avoid that from
happening the only option is to keep moving forward. To continue growing is has become
essential to localize your website and your business to capture the global market.

In Conclusion…

There is no other step than globalizing of you want to continue growing. And there is no way to
maintain a global presence without localization. It is the key to the international market and into
the heart of the consumers worldwide.

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